Adventure Kit

Adventure Kit


The Adventure Kit has simple tools you will need to get outside and explore! A family friendly activity, fun for all ages. The perfect kit for beginners to reconnect with nature and the people around us.

The Adventure Kit comes with (1) Search & Find Adventure Cards of your choice, a colorful, handheld magnifying glass, and (2) tiny washable markers.

Open up your Adventurer's pouch and pull out your tools. Examine your Search & Find Adventure cards to see what you will be searching for. Take your time to observe your surroundings, up high in the trees, or down low on the ground. Use your bag to collect tiny (non-living) things like rocks, shells, leaves pinecones or acorns. Point out the word on the card, that matches what you find.

~ How to play ~

Grab a washable marker, a bag to collect things, binoculars, a magnify glass, and your favorite Search & Find Adventure card and go explore. Take your time, don't rush!

Recommended for ages three years old and up.

Disclaimer: Safety first, be aware of your surroundings at all times, and children should be supervised at all times while exploring. 

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