Tessa Duquette is an artist and a mother of three boys

In early Spring 2016, Tessa started drawing quick illustrations before each of their family hikes through First Landing State Park. Adults and kids quickly discovered how much fun it was to collect acorns, leaves and small twigs, or birdwatch, read the mile markers as they walked along, or be the first one to find that yellow flower. 

The Search & Find game was created, simply by accident.

Binoculars, magnifying glasses, and tiny markers started appearing in the basket Tessa and her boys always took on their walks - and on the other end, tiny treasures like rocks or acorn caps would be constantly tumbling out of the laundry. Tessa and her family were hooked.

Search & Find in First Landing State Park

Search & Find in First Landing State Park

Almost 2 years later, the Search & Find Adventure collection boasts many different locations all over the United States, from State Parks, to Cities, to hometown backyards and favorite beaches - Tessa Duquette has created a simple activity for all family members big and small can enjoy together.